A C T R E S S  &  P R O D U C E R 

 Ever since 'Facing the Giants', Shannen has starred and produced numerous of films. Here are the most recent films and TV shows that she has produced and acted in. For a complete list of films, visit Shannens imdb for more. 


In an upcoming film called 'Song of the Tree Frogs', Shannen played the part of 'Sarah Roberts' and also co-produced this film. 

Some exciting news ahead with a PureFlix Original TV Show called, 'Rebuild and Restore', featuring 'Window Strong Ministry


Shannen is excited to announce the faith-based feature film 'Redeemed' starring Keisha-Knight Pulliam (My Brother’s Keeper), TC Stallings (War Room), & Shannen Fields (Facing the Giants).

Shannen was honored to play the role of 'Doctor Cunningham' in the upcoming film 'My Brothers Keeper.' The movie is centered around Travis Fox (T.C. Stallings), a returning veteran that is struggling with PTSD and his faith in God.


Shannen co-produced and starred in the 'Order of Rights'. The film is set to release in 2020. This pro-life film takes you through the journey of a teenage girl battling with the decision of abortion, more info can be found here: www.orderofrights.com.


Also in 2018, Shannen starred in and co-produced the family friendly film called, 'The Griddle House' (available for streaming on Amazing Prime)